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Vehicle location
Vehicle data
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Vehicle attributes
Image Item Section Value
Item Section Value
Seating places (S.1) General
Seating General
Standing places (S.2) General
Number of folding seats General
Number of wheelchair places (42.3) General
Number of front holders (1) General
Number of platform free places General
Wheelchair ramp Inside
Handicap lift (electr.) General
Electrical boarding aid General
Passenger counting system General
Trailer coupling General
Exhaust filter General
ABS General
ASR General
Kitchen Inside
Coffee machine General
Refrigerator Inside
Air conditioning Inside
Toilet Inside
Tachograph General
Kneeling General
Retarder General
Ski case holder General
Accident data storage General
Anti-vandalism corner General
Video surveillance Inside
TFT Inside
phone Communication
Radio Communication
Radio equipment Communication
TV equipment Communication
WLAN Communication
Automatic station announcement Communication
Number of doors Doors
Door type door 1 Doors
Door type door 2 Doors
Door type door 3 Doors
Door type door 4 Doors
Destination display manufacturer Display
Destination display front Display
Destination display rear Display
Destination display left Display
Destination display right Display
Interior display Display
Interior display number Display
Tire axle 1 (15.1) Tires
Tire axle 2 (15.2) Tires
Tire axle 3 (15.3) Tires
Tire axle 4 (15.4) Tires
Tire axle 5 (15.5) Tires
Image Item Section Value Comment
Item Section Value Comment
Panelling Outside
Entrance / Exit / Ramps Outside
Outside flaps Outside
Battery box Outside
Wheel case Outside
Frame, substructure, formers Outside
Chassis Outside
Brake Outside
Floor Inside
Seats Inside
Error message board computer Inside
Vehicle pick-up